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CB&Q Big Horn Subdivision Route by Michael Stephan

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CB&Q Big Horn Subdivison Route Version 3.2: Sheridan to Parkman, TS 2012 Update

The Big Horn Sub Route takes you to the Big Horn mountains in Wyoming. Centered around the town of Sheridan and its medium sized railroad yard, there is plenty to do on this CB&Q / BN themed Railworks route, which has been inspired by the many great photo essays and in-depth background information presented to the public by the engineer Al Krug. You can service the numerous industries located around Sheridan, run a local up the line to get coal or gravel from Kleenburn, be in charge of a Sheridan-based helper engine to assist a coal drag from the Powder River basin up Parkman Hill, or do some work in Sheridan's busy yard.

Version 3.2 now comes with TS 2012 enhancements such as bumpy track, new skies with deeper clouds, and of course plenty of lights to give that little extra to night scenes. Also new is a replacement of all signals with some custom made CB&Q based rules and searchlight signals, all of which are based on the signal source RS.com offered to us in their developer wiki.

Please have a look at the enclosed PDF document to find out what the signaling rules mean. Some of the aspects may look a bit different than the ones you may be used to from other routes.

DOWNLOAD -> CB&Q Big Horn Subdivison Route

DOWNLOAD -> CB&Q Big Horn patch NEW June 9, 2012

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