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Dealing with Red Signals on the NERW

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Ok this might help engineers as well as scenario writers, but this is what I know about red signals on our route.

First off it isn't red if all the lights are not red. Flashing does not mean red. All red means STOP.

Since RW2, the dispatch recognizes that there are cars in a siding. So it won't let AI rumble into a siding full of cars. To have an AI actually entering a yard or siding area where the player train is, the area has to be blocked with signals making seperate sections of track where the two will not conflict. That is why the NERW has more than normal signaling. In routes like Castle Rock, the entire Castle Rock Cement factory is blocked by 1 signal next to the main. So only the player train can go into this area. No AI will operate there while the player train is there, it will error in the editor.

You can get a red when your path is blocked by an oncoming train. So you have to wait until the train passes the next signal on its path. Requesting permission will not help.

You can get a red following another train. When he clears a block you will be able to proceed.

You can get a red when trying to go into a siding. You have to request permission to enter the track the signal is protecting. TAB if your going forward and CONTROL TAB if your in reverse. If you get DENIED PERMISSION, then your switch might not be set correctly. If the scenario does not have you pathed to go into that siding, you will never get permission to enter it. The siding you are trying to make a set out or pick up at must be pathed in the scenarios operations. If you are pathed to go to a siding and can not get permission even with the switch set correctly then something is either wrong with the scenario or you found a bug.

Flashing red means your speed is going down to 15. The aspect before a flashing red is usually yellow over red which is an Approach telling you to proceed but be "prepared" to stop. You are not stopping, but being prepared to stop. In other words, slow that puppy down.

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