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Industrial Interactive Route v 4 by Michael Stephan

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Industrial Interactive Route for RailWorks, version 4 - Train Sim 2012

An entirely fictional route, built in RSC RailWorks.

Version 4 includes a TS 2012 update to the exisiting route, adding lights, bumpy tracks and some other minor updates.

The route covers a few miles of fully fictional industrial branchline trackage, a mainline interchange yard, a switching and sorting yard, a harbor, storage sidings, and many industrial spurs. It has many interactive transfer points (bulk freight loader and unloader, several freight docks, and container cranes).

It has been built with many "default" assets, the few additional assets are all included in the package.

Industries on the IIR

Spread across and around the town, you will find:

- [new since v3] a small harbor with some warehouses, grain and coal docks
- a medium sized foundry with its own, small rail yard
- a construction yard / tarmac plant (gravel and sand unloader)
- a gravel quarry at the top of a long 1.7% grade (gravel loader - using the default coal loader)
- a lumber industry (timber boards and parts in, finished products on boxcars and flatcars out)
- a scrap yard (scrap in, using the default coal unloader with my gondolas)
- a small chemical plant (tankcars, hoppers, boxcars in, boxcars out)
- a small container yard (with two container cranes)
- a team track (with loading dock)



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