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Norfolk Southern GP38-2

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Norfolk Southern GP 38-2 Norfolk Southern GP 38-2

This is a repaint of Justin Cornell's GP38 lo hood. They have been tested in RW3 but there are no rain effects. They have been updated to have working lights thanks to Mike Calvin (MadMike1024) at railworksamerica.com. The braking system has been adjusted using RW Tools.

The Black NERW GP38 set is required for this add on to work properly. They can be found here NERW Black GP38-2 set

Install the RWP file with the Railworks Package Manager. The unit will be installed to Railworks\Assets\JCornell\EMD\RailVehicles\Diesel\GP38-2\NERW_NS-LH In the scenario editor it will be prefixed with NE - to make it easier to find, like this NE - GP38-2 LH NS.

To use in your own scenarios, you must turn on the Providers JCORNELL and click on EMD in the object browser in order for them to show up in the train list.

Justin Cornell owns all copyrights to these model, NERW only repainted them.

Additional Info

  • Version: 1
  • Designer: Bob Artim
  • Model author: Justin Cornell
  • Railworks version: Railworks 3/Train Simulator 2012
  • Release date: Sunday, 15 July 2012
  • File size: 6.5 meg
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