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NERW PA Division Version 2 Released

Sunday, 16 September 2012 11:46 Published in News articles

Version 2 of the NERW PA Division route has been released. After spending several months collecting data on things that were not working properly, some speed limits being incorrect, buildings you couldn't drive into and should be able to, more speed limit signs, floating things planted correctly and an assortment of other cosmetic fixes have been applied. If you already have version 1.1a installed all you need is to uninstall version 1.1a and install version 2. The asset package is the same for both versions, so no need to reinstall them.


Here is a list of things fixed:

Made the engine shed at East End Transfer Yard higher to drive in. Fixed assorted floating things.

At Wade I raised or replaced the drive in buildings back by the UPS. Fixed assorted floating things.

At New Wadsworth I fixed the cliff going down from the Match so it isnt so abrupt anymore. I saw wheels leaving the tracks before. I fixed the road crossing gates at both ends of town. I raised the Chemical Factory so you can drive in it.

At Element I raised the engine shed to drive in it. Fixed the 55 mph speed limits on the switches. I replaced the DSD building behind the silos so you can drive in it. Fixed floating things.

At Foss I fixed the road that was a jutting angle just leaving town. Further down I added a bunch of trees to block the view of the road that takes forever to render.

At Levishton I fixed the speed limits in the yard switches. I planted some more trees on the barren hillside coming in to Levishton. I fixed the hole in the road abuttment when leaving the yard going east.

In front of John H. Coal Mine, I planted shrubs in the large gravel/roadbed area next to the main line to break it up.

In Chandler I moved the signal by the Beaver Bridge closer to the tracks and adjusted the bridge so you can see the signal there sooner. Fixed some scenery in the area.

At the end of the route on the west end I change the connection from the Soo Line to the 3 Rivers route.

I added speed limit signs to all sidings coming from the main so they show up on the F4 hud, so you can tell a speed change is coming if your going there.

I added more weed lines in some places to break up the same weeds going by mile after mile.

I added new RW3 lights to the entire route. All loading/unloading interactives can now be operated at night and you can see!

Find it here: NERW PA Division Version 2



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