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PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2006 5:37 pm    Post subject: 34 Reply with quote

Now scroll and zoom up to Krieger Aluminum where we have our reverse point. We need to adjust it so it is closer to the switch. A real engineer would not go 1/4 mile past it, he would only go as far as he had to in order to clear it, then the conductor might not have to walk so far to throw the switch.

The problem with MSTS is you can n ot have a reverse point too close to a switch or the reverse point will malfunction and never disappear from the track monitor. You may have seen this allready where the white arrow on the track monitor gets real close to you like your going to run it over, then jumps ahead of you so you have to chase it again. You will never catch it!

The VCR play back mode at the lower left of the AE can help us here a little. Under the TOOLS menu, choose the only option there, VERIFY STARTING STATE. When you do this the clock changes to the time of our activity and a small blue rectangle with a circle on it appears at the starting point of our path. We are zoomed in now so you cant see it, but if you like you can zoom out and check. We will be bringing it in to view shortly.

In the VCR section you see several things. A button that says TIME: and the numeric time is next to it. If you click this button it will let you enter the time in hours/minutes/seconds just like that which is displayed. Our clock is at Noon 12:00:02.

You also see a slider at the bottom with hours at each end. If you didn't want to enter a time in with the TIME button, you can drag the slider to the appropriate time. The value will show next to the TIME button when you use the slider.

In the middle of the VCR section is a drop down box with increments on it. 1x 2x 4x this lets you accelerate the simulated time. It takes approximately 12 minutes to get to Kreiger aluminum and we really dont want to sit here and wait 12 minutes, so we ACCELERATE the time.

Choose a time, 4x is good and then click on the PLAY button. If you zoom out you can see the engine symbol moving along the path. If you wait until around 12:09:20, you will see it coming up on our screen shot zoom.

See how far away the reverse point from us and the switch? At this time you want to open the PLAYER SERVICE EDITOR and EDIT the PATH, just like we did for the starting point. Only this time you will just be moving the reverse point. You drag it just like you did the starting point. Drag it down by your engine symbol. Exit and save your path changes, exit the player service editor, then run your VCR mode test again. (Picture 4) Remember to choose VERIFY STARTING STATE under the TOOLS menu each time your start the test.

NOTE: You can also enter the time in with the time button to around 12:09:00 so you dont have to wait so long. Once you hit the PLAY button, watch your train come to the reverse point, stop, and then reverse into Krieger siding. IF IT DOES NOT reverse and just sits there, you have the reverse point too close to the switch. Open the player service editor and edit the path and move the reverse point a little further away from the switch and run the VCR test again.

When you are satisfied that you are not going too far past the switch and the reverse point is functioning, go under the FILE menu and SAVE the activity.

REMEMBER: No part of your train can touch a switch that is going to be thrown and a reverse point at the same time. If your touching the switch, the reverse point will never work.
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