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Welcome and some first steps.

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Human Resources Director

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:18 am    Post subject: Welcome and some first steps. Reply with quote

Hi, welcome to the NERR, now that you've graduated from the NEO welcome/induction program. Here are a few of the things that happen now - some that we do and some that you can do.

The following information sounds complicated at first - I suggest that you print it out and read it slowly at your leisure. I have tried to make the steps as clear as possible, but I welcome suggestion to make it clearer and easier to use. PM or email me with questions and suggestions.

1. The NEO program manager (me) will have posted a Graduation Notice in the HRD forum here in the NERR forums telling everyone that you have graduated. That might take up to a day or two to happen, as I am in a different time zone to the NERR home base.

2. I then need to add you to the Engineers Group here in the NERR Forums to allow you to see all the forums that an NERR Engineer can see (more than a Guest can see). BUT I can't add you to the Engineers Group until you have registered here at the forums. So do it now, if you have not already done so. If I can't find your username in the membership list here in the forums, I'll send you an email asking you to register here. But pleaee save me some time and work by registering when the NEO program tells you to do so.

3. Your password to log into NETS - will now give you full access to this automated system for submitting information about you and for downloading the NERR's MSTS work orders that you will run here. It will also give you access to the NERR equipment download facility, which is for our engineers only. And there are several more facilites in NETS - go and have a good look at it.

4. You already have the 6 default MSTS routes on your computer, plus the Full Bucket Line route that you loaded during the NEO program tasks. You will be using that route here at the NERR, I hope, as we have plenty of work orders for it.

The quickest way to get started from now is to download activities for that route that are on our web site in NETS.

(a) To find them, go to the main NERR web site at and navigate to the NEAWOS page (North Eastern Automated Work Order System).

(b) Click on "General Work Order Search" - No. 3 on the list at the top of the page.

(c) Open the drop-down list in the "Division/Route" section of the boxes. Scroll down until you find the "Full Bucket Line" and then click on it. Then click on the "Submit" button.

(d) The screen will change to show a table containing links to all the work orders for that division/route.

(e) To the left of each work order entry, there is a graphic containing 4 sections. Each section is linked to a different aspect of that particular work order. Move your mouse slowly over each of the four sections and read what the link does. You can download the work order, read a description of the work order, make a written comment on the work order, and get a listing of the other parts of the work order series, if any exist. Click on the download button, and you can save the work order zip file to your hard drive. Next to the work order name will be a nunber in brackets - that is the number of equipment files that you need to run the work order.

If you click on the work order name, a small window will open with all the required equipment files listed. You can download them from there.

N.B. You get only two attempts to download each equipment file, then the system will prevent you from trying again. You can request extra attempts, but you will not be very popular if you ask for that extension too many times. Once you have downloaded and installed a stock item, back up your download files to somewhere safe - DO NOT DELETE THEM!

(f) Go to the folder where you put that downloaded activity file. It is in Zip format, so you need to have the ability to unzip it. For now, double-click on it - if it opens the file, you are right to go to the next step. If not, then you need to install a program that will unzip these sorts of files, e.g. winzip - free from shareware sites.

(g) The zip file contains a number of other files, usually including the following:

(1) Work Order - it tells you information about the activity.
(2) Equipment - what NERR locos and rolling stock that you will need to run the activity.
(3) A file with an apk extension - that is the activity file.

(h) To install the activity, follow the same procedure that you learned at the NEO: double-click on the apk file and say yes when it asks you if you want to install it to the Full Bucket Line route and no if it asks you if you want to overwrite any other files.

(k) You can also download NERR equipment in the Roster section of NETS. When you click on the word ROSTER in the NETS menu, it will take you to the first screen of the Roster. There are various sections in the Roster - look at the menu across the top of the screen. Download the ones that you need for the activity that you have just installed - this might take some time.

Hint: Some of the locos also need cabviews and sound packages - they are available on another screen in the Roster. You can find more detailed information about the locos and rolling stock by clicking on the image of the stock item in the Roster screen.

Back to John:
(l) When you have downloaded the equipment files to a folder on your hard drive, install them. Most items will be installed in one of the following ways:

(1) Double-click on the zip file. Inside, you should see a file with an exe extension. Double-click on it and follow the instruction on the screen - it is a self-installer. This is the method for most of our equipment.

For some of the older items,
(2) Double-click on the zip file. If there are a number of files with extensions like wag, ace, s, sd and so on, then you will have to extract the zip file to the correct place on the hard drive - usually either the root folder on C drive or the Routes folder inside the MSTS installation.

(m) Now you should be ready to run the activity. Start up MSTS, tell it you want to drive a train, select the Full Bucket Line route and select the work order you have just installed, and run it.

(n) When you have completed it, log into the NETS section of the web site and click on the item to submit an NERR time slip. Complete the form, click on verify, and then submit it. Check the callboard - you will see that your hours and pay have been updated with the new information.

The next work order that you install should not take so long to do, because you will already have some of the equipment needed.

(o) If you want to try some other routes, I suggest that you start with the ones that we host in the Routes section of the Roster in NETS - NERR HooDoo Pass, Chippewa Valley, Niederelbebahn, Seattle. We know that they work well, and they are very easy to install. I would also suggest that when you do install more routes, you delete all the files in the activities folder, the paths folder, the services folder, and the traffic folder (or move them to another place on your hard drive). Then install the NERR activities and check that you have the required equipment. That way, you won't have to download the non-default equipment that most of the activities provided with the routes require.

Most important hints:

1. Take things slowly.

2. Read the documentation files - work orders, equipment.

3. Search in the forums for earlier answers to questions you might have - there is a search facility at the top of the main forum page. Or check the NERR FAQ section of the web site - access it from the menu on the left hand side of the main page.

4. Ask us for help.

5. Don't forget to have a good look around the web site - this is all for you as a member of the NERR! So take a tour of your territory and see what is available.

6. Remember that this is all a game, and we are all here to have fun!

So enjoy! Laughing

An expert is a person who knows enough about what's really going on to be scared.

Cert.# 04-1-NERR008D

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